Researchs linked to Inagemp are awarded in the Medical Genetics Congress

The XXVIII Brazilian Congress of Medical Genetics (CBGM) took place on June 15th to 18th, in the State of Pará. Genetics for All Institute (IGPT) and National Institute on Population Medical Genetics (Inagemp) were highlighted in the event.Three works produced by the team of Dr. Angelina Acosta and of Dr. Luiz Carlos Santana da Silva, researchers connected to both entities, were awarded. The titles of award-winning productions were: ‘Implantation of Diagnostic of Eight Types of Spinocerebellar Ataxias by Multiplex Ligation-Dependent Probe Amplification Method in the State of Para’; ‘”Genética no Sertão” Census:Molecular and Classic Epidemiology of Genetic Diseases in the City of Monte Santo (Bahia)’; and Identification of Genetic Diseases and Congenital Defects in Primary Health-care.These researches were focused on population medical genetics, highligthed in this meeting with is the greatest congress in the field of medical genetics in Brazil.