Initiative linked to “Genética no Sertão” project, is held in BA

In the year that the project‘ Genética no Sertão’ celebrates its 10th anniversary, a group of 35 healthcare professionals (among neurologists, psychologists, geneticists, dermatologists, psychiatrists, biologists and biomedicals) performed the‘II Mutirão da Saúde’, in Monte Santo (State of Bahia). The activity was held from June 6th to 10th when around 700 patients were assisted.

The project ‘Genética no Sertão’, which is focused on performing a population census to detect rare congenital diseases in the region, offered on its second Mutirão (collective effort in healthcare) clinical and psychological assistance, with additional collection of biological samples in all 17 healthcare centersin the city of Monte Santo. “Many of these healthcare centers are located in rural area which means zones with unsurfaced roads difficult to be accessed, says PhD student Paula Brito Corrêa, a fellow of Dr. Angelina Xavier and Dr. Kiyoko Abé-Sandes, the coordinators of ‘II Mutirão de Saúde’.

According to Paula, 224 of the patients assisted had an indication of some severe disease, being 88% of the cases related to genetic causes”, “We’ve collected more than 900 biological samples in order to perform genetic tests, such as specific biochemical and molecular analysis. In addition to healthcare assistance, we also sought to qualify Monte Santo’s healthcare professionals so that they might be able to carry on the identifications and orientation of patients with suspected genetic diseases even after the end of the project”, she added.

Monte Santo was chosen to host ‘Genética no Sertão’ project because of the relatively high frequency of several genetic diseases that are normally very rare such as MPS VI (mucopolysaccharidosis type VI), phenylketonuriaand congenital hypothyroidism.

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