Inagemp is a CNPq National Institute of Science and Technology dedicated to medical and population genetics. Since 2008, Inagemp began building a national census of the Brazilian population with high frequency of mono or oligogenic genetic diseases; exposure to high risk genetic factors (i.e.: inbreeding), environmental (i.e.: mercury), or unknown factors in people who show any physical or mental developmental disorder. This census is complemented by a virtual library specialized in isolated populations and ‘clusters’ of genetic diseases . It is the first step towards a specialized centre focused in research and guidance related to medical attention to those diseases, providing technical and methodological support services to geneticists, as well as to the affected community.
At this stage, Inagemp is interested in any ‘suspicion’ or certainty related to these groups of population and would encourage you to inform us.
Your contact with Inagemp might be the first step towards a long term relationship that starts with adding you to our electronic mailing list to eventual collaboration in specific researching projects, invitations to specialized workshops and any other Inagemp activities.

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