Inagemp-BoxINaGeMP, the National Institute of Population Medical Genetics is a research group linked to the Brazilian Research and Technology Council (CNPq) (www.inagemp.bio.br). Since 2009, it has been building a national census of Brazilian populational groups with high frequency of genetic diseases, congenital anomalies; exposure to high risk genetic factors (e.g: inbreeding), environmental exposures (e.g: thalidomide, zika virus).
This census is specialized in isolated population and ‘clusters’ of genetic diseases or congenital anomalies. It is the first step towards a specialized centre focused in research and guidance related to medical attention to those diseases, providing technical and methodological support services to medical doctors, as well as to the affected community.

INaGeMP is expanding this census to Latin America and Africa, besides keeping the Brazilian census. At this stage, INAGEMP is interested in any information related to any cluster of genetic diseases or congenital anomalies you might know (suspicion of confirmed), and we would encourage you to inform us.
Thank you for your interest and cooperation.

Ceniso Team

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