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11- Industrial contamination and birth defects in a petrochemical region

This Project intends to evaluate the relationship between the environmental impact of coal extraction and its repercussion on the reproductive health in populations living in small cities in southern Brazil by observing the frequency of birth defects in newborns.

12- Machado-Joseph disease in southern Brazil

The studies about the hereditary ataxias, especially about the Machado-Joseph disease in descendant of Azoreans population in southern Brazil, are resulting in clinical tests with new therapeutic propositions. This project aims the caring and research including molecular testing of Machado-Joseph disease in southern Brazil. The project also aims to define the minimum prevalence of the disease in the cities where MJD is more frequent.

13- Mutations to family cancer in specific groups in southern Brazil

The Project intends to determine the prevalence of people in greater risk of inherited breast cancer and the prevalence of germ mutations in certain genes with genetic predisposition to breast cancer through a sample of people from southern Brazil considering their family history of cancer.
The identification of genetic factors related to a high prevalence of some kinds of cancer in southern Brazil has a potential impact in terms of public health. It can lead to new genetic tests to assess the predisposition to cancer and ways of dealing with it.

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