HCPA’s rare diseases projects are magazine cover

Institute headquartered at hospital is a reference

The projects of National Institute on Population Medical Genetics (Inagemp), based at Hospital de Clinicas de Porto Alegre (HCPA) were cover at Fapesp Magazine (August 2014 issue). Among them National Census of Isolated (Ceniso) is one of the highlights. Inagemp is coordinated by Roberto Giugliani, chief of Medical Genetics Service at HCPA. Ceniso is coordinated by Lavinia Schüler-Faccini also from HCPA.
The article writes about the work of the doctors and researchers in Monte Santo (Bahia’s countryside), city that has an important diversity of rare diseases and which has Ceniso’s focus. Another research mentioned is the one carried in CandidoGodoi, city that holds a great number of twining. The research has been coordinated by Lavinia who had hers and her team’s routine described on the article which writes comments about HCPA genetic counseling as well.
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