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Vianna P, Gomes JDA, Boquett JA, Fraga LR, Schuch JB, Vianna FSL, Schuler-Faccini L.

Zika Virus as a Possible Risk Factor for Autism Spectrum Disorder: Neuroimmunological Aspects

Rittler M, Campaña H, Poletta FA, Santos MR, Gili JA, Pawluk MS, Cosentino VR, Gimenez L, Lopez-Camelo JS.

Limb body wall complex: Its delineation and relationship with amniotic bands using clustering methods

Shaffer JR, LeClair J, Carlson JC, Feingold E, Buxó CJ, Christensen K, Deleyiannis FWB, Field LL, Hecht JT, Moreno L, Orioli IM, Padilla C, Vieira AR, Wehby GL, Murray JC, Weinberg SM, Marazita ML, Leslie EJ.

Association of low-frequency genetic variants in regulatory regions with nonsyndromic orofacial clefts

Oliveira-Klein M, Cardoso-Dos-Santos AC, Tagliani-Ribeiro A, Fagundes NR, Matte U, Schuler-Faccini L.

Lack of association between genetic polymorphisms in IGF1 and IGFBP3 with twin births in a Brazilian population (Cândido Godói, Rio Grande do Sul)

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